• Leeftijd: 19
  • Geslacht: vrouw
  • Afkomst: europees
  • Figuur: S
  • Haar: blond

Over mij

Anna's room. Welcome.If you see a thin and cute girl in a top and a skirt, it's me :) In fact, I look like the sun and warm it just as hot, especially in summer :) the mood to immediately dance and sing ... I really like to do this in my streams, so if you are cold - come warm up, there will be enough heat for everyone!And if you bring pasta carbonara with you - my heart is yours forever, haha! In general, men who know how to cook are incomparable, I think. Well, if I cooked, I could make you aromatic coffee or mix sex on the beach for you) How do you like this cocktail?Just imagine... The sea, sand, you, me, sex on the beach (for drinking, of course))) and lazy rest... Actually, I'm not a lazy person, I really like sports! Opening, right?) For example, archery. Aren't you afraid that I'm a mockingjay?) I'll get into your heart like Cupid, professionally!)Despite archery, I am a calm and balanced person) I like meeting friends, drawing, singing... Italy, France, Switzerland, Britain, I would please with my talents... In France, I would show my main talent - love and eat! Are you with me?) And what talents do you have for France?)
Mostly i am here in 2nd half of the day! Catch me!
Ik hou van:
Smart man and good dinner in evening haha, and what make you happy?
Ik hou niet van:
I dont like when someone try to say me what to do. How say one indian man on youtube... "dond do dell me whad do do"

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