• Leeftijd: 24
  • Geslacht: vrouw
  • Afkomst: arab
  • Figuur: M
  • Haar: bruin

Over mij

Try to find my gorgeous captivating big eyes. Do you like them? Are they really inviting? Yes, I know they beckon you, but they will never be yours, loser. Hello, my name is Princess Vita and I will be happy to brainwash you. Okay, just kidding, not about that now, haha. Soon I will become a successful blogger, haha. I really love dancing, makeup and shopping. If I had a superpower, I would want money to appear in my suitcase with the snap of my fingers. And I already figured out how to spend it, haha. I would travel all the time and study motion design, create cool videos. I'll be happy to share my dating sex stories with you if you behave. I love it when you fulfill my wishes and worship me. Please Princess Vita. Earn her attention.
I'm usually here late afternoon European time
Ik hou van:
It turns me on when people worship me. I love it when they give me a lot of money. I love sincerity. I love creativity. Design. Movies
Ik hou niet van:
I don't like cleaning, cooking, or when someone forces me to do something I don't like. I don't undress. I do not like it.

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