• Leeftijd: 35
  • Geslacht: koppel
  • Afkomst: europees
  • Figuur: S
  • Haar: zwart

Over mij

I have always fantasized about being filmed while having sex! I actually find it very thrilling to have sex in places that you know should be off limits! Also having the possibility of being spied on or better yet even caught in the act makes for an exciting experience. LOL Wow that makes me sound like a sexual deviant! Its one thing to have those thoughts in your head but putting those words on paper and reading them back to myself is obviously the exact reason im registering for this website and the same reason you are visiting my page !!! LOL
Ik hou van:
I consider myself an artist! i have been a hairstylist for 18 years, i love to draw and paint! i also moonlight tattooing < i just see canvas every where i look and love to make things pretty!
Ik hou niet van:
First thing comes to mind is work! But i love what i do , its my passion i guess working for some one is the downfall and that will soon come to an end as i am going to be self employed soon enough!

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